Colocation dedicated serveres, Virtual private servers, corporate cloud servers by Opticle.

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Dedicated, VPS, Cloud Servers by Opticle

Opticle is a provider of specialized servers for business use. Our datacenters host servers that range from dedicated machines through virtual servers and cloud machines to colocation services. We have a flexible policy towards the configuration that our clients require. Our servers overperform the client's needs! Order now a virtual server at the SUPER LOW PRICE of 55EU/month. Free domain, IP adres and UNLIMITED GIGABIT network is included

We offer a free testing period of two weeks for all services above 200EU/month. With our DEDICATED hosting servers you can use an entire server for your company needs, starting at 155EU/month. UNLIMITED GIGABIT TRAFFIC!

We can send you a link for testing the download and upload speeds to servers in our datacenter, which will max out your internet bandwidth entirely! Order your hosting now, describe your needs, and our sales department will send you several flexible offers to fit your server configuration needs. Order now, and we will contact you shortly to specify your needs and details. PERFECT SERVICE AT THE HIGHEST SPEEDS AND LOWEST PRICES!


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